So, even if I think I have a wide range of musical tastes, I am clearly not fully up to date.  I have come finally “got” the phenomenon of Human Beatboxing.  And there I was, thinking that this was some violent sport.  If you have not seen human beatboxing before, you will presumably be as amazed — and transfixed — as I was. 

DAICHI JAPANESE HOME VIDEO BEATBOX (posted April 19 2009) – 690,000 views as of today.

And, this 18 year old Japanese boy has made it in to the mainstream media in Japan:  JAPANESE TV HUMAN BEATBOX.  As with so many ‘previously unknown’ topics and activities, once you ‘discover’ the area, you can get awfully surprised at how many people are involved…  As it happens, human beatboxing grew out of Hip Hop back in the 1980s…. And there is a worldwide network of human beatboxers.

When you see such talent, that obviously took hard work, fast-moving brand marketers should be snapping him up.  I can think of many reasonable applications for him for whom to “mouth off”: mouthwash, acne, hairstyling…

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