Cats in a Cradle – Kittens sleeping any which way.

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If you like cats, you ought to love this post. It is, as the title of the blog suggests, cute overload. The title of this particular post is “Powered by Ambien” which I find a little tragic (= prescribed happiness?). Otherwise, the shots are priceless. The photographs apparently all come from the internet, so I have blithely borrowed a couple of them for you as a taster. The following three shots are of cats in the various important parts of life.

Family Time. The Postprandial Slumber
Family Time: Cats sleeping train in Postprandial Slumber
Cuddling up with Friends.
Cuddling up with friends: Cat sleeping on Dog
The power [cat] nap at Work
Cat sleeping on Computer

Here’s to the cats with nine lives and seven sleeps. Enjoy.

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  1. Minter

    @sapna: The Seven Sleeps is just a case of poetic license, an alliteration alluding to the cat's propensity to sleep!

  2. ALS

    Wow!! Just love it! I'm a real cat lover!
    Thanks for the sweet and funny pics!
    I wish I could fall asleep so easily too!! 😉

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