Parking Meter Cards in Paris – Way to recycle?

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Parking Machine in Paris

I have long enjoyed the card machines that you use in Paris to pay for your street parking. Originally, you used coins to pay, then they introduced the prepaid cards (e.g. 10€ or 30€ option). Naturally, it took some getting used to because you had to know to buy the prepaid card from the tabac.

Now, most machines only accept the prepaid cards (or a system called Moneo where you top up a bank card for instant payment). Now, the thing that has come to irk me is the waste inherent in these cards.

Once the card’s credit is used up, there is no way to re-use (top up) or recycle it. My suggestion for the collection would be to add a little compartment on the side of the machines in which to deposit the used cards. Afterwards, I have no idea if there is truly a way to recuperate and/or reconfigure the cards. But, at least there seems like there would be an easy gesture to gather the used cards. Anyone know of any organization that could figure out how to make a business out of this opportunity?

Herewith some tips [broken link] on parking in Paris, courtesy of

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  1. Gonzalo

    Minter, you read my mind. I actually put them on top, hoping somebody will take them. But week after week they're still there. So now I collect them!
    cheers Gonzalo

  2. Minter

    @Gonzalo: now that you collect them, what do you plan to do with them? I keep finding faded out cards on top of the parking metres too!

  3. prepaid credit cards

    I like your post, you had presented how concern you are.

    You have a good suggestion. The used prepaid cards must be recycled.

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