sent you photos on Tagged
There is a pernicious email spam that has recently been created in which your friend’s email has been taken over. You are sent a mail from your friend and it looks very authentic. Because it has hacked your friend’s mail, it always get through the spam filters. I can only imagine how this spam will work effectively on unwitting children. It comes with an “unsubscribe” button, some phoney address on the bottom saying to “block all mails from Tagged, Inc.” and numerous other opportunities to click, each treacherous. This email should be immediately deleted. Do not open it! It is apparently some porn site — and, like some STD, is hard to get rid of. My advice is then to send under separate cover a mail to that friend to advise them of the problem as they may not even be aware. If ever you get the same from me, do let me know!

There is a social site called Tagged, which claims to have 70 million users. This spam trick is particularly deceitful and nasty. I am all the less likely to sign up for Tagged. You can find out more here on snopes.

Check with your children’s inbox mail!! And do use this post to spread the news (you can tweet it with the handy button below).

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