Copa Airlines and Continental Airlines Logo
Notice any similarities?

Looking up at this message board at CDG airport the other day, I could not help but notice the similarity in the logos of Copa Airlines and Continental Airlines. Dating back to a 1998 strategic alliance between these two companies (about which I previously knew nothing), it would seem that one of the cost-savings that they considered was merging the marketing departments? If Copa is well known in Panama, however, it remains a rather minuscule player versus Continental. The question that comes to mind is how on earth they came up with the idea to “mirror” each other’s brand logos? The logos are so similar, enough to provoke confusion, yet by being different they create massive duplication. Another missed opportunity is on their websites: they have not synergised their website platforms either… curious no?

Continental Airlines Website Screen Save

Yes, the airline industry has other things to worry about (profitability, volume and customer satisfaction…), but it would seem the marketing department has been asleep in the cockpit here.

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