Parking Ticket on Car in EnglandWhen I was in London recently, I observed a lady parking warden walk up to a street sign and snap some close up photographs.  It was a curious sight, as I initially imagined that it might be a cross between curiosity and tourism.  Then, she went some five or so metres back and started taking photographs of workers climbing off the back of a lorry, parked off of Oxford Street. I went up to her to ask what she was doing and she replied that the new policy was to document with time-stamped photographs the infractions, at the same time as handing out a parking ticket.  The parking warden looks like a techy geek these days carrying a handheld machine for registering and printing out the offense, as well as a digital camera hanging around the neck.

I would have to believe that the responsible lorry driver would be less “flippant” about tearing up any parking tickets as a result of the patent proof.

In any event, I would have to believe this is a best practice for parking wardens around the world… Not sure how city governments and their parking wardens share any such “best practices,” but this blog post could mark a beginning!

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