In the realm of great corporate content, here is one from the “legendary” blended scotch brand, Johnnie Walker (Diageo).  This 6’27 minute film, featuring Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting, The Full Monty…), is perfectly produced, providing a wonderful way to capture the history of JW in the most appropriately rustic of settings (filmed on location in Inverlochlarig, Perthshire, Scotland).  If trouble seeing here, go to YouTube.

As of today, the posting which was posted on 31/8/09, has garnered 944 ratings (4.89 average), 232 comments and been viewed 311,000 times.  Personally, I love it.  What about you?

ADD-ON: After an exchange with a fellow marketing guy, we reasoned that the key brand benefit of Johnnie Walker is that it inspires Personal Progress… getting in touch with a fundamental property of the human psyche, as we all strive to improve.  Simple, and very powerful.  Life’s a journey.  Get on board!

JW has a number of other interesting creatives, including this Fish video (1 minute).  Another worthy journey that goes back to our primal selves and our primal purpose.  JW Fish on YouTube.  Gives new meaning to the notion “they drank like fish.

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