Marmite – Mar-Mighty? Love it or Hate it?

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Marmite is required taste.  For those of you who have ever tried it, you know that Marmite (owned by Unilever) does not leave you neutral.  This “love it or hate it” element is captured beautifully in the Marmite Cereal Bar ad campaign that is currently on display in England.  Given my cosmetics background, I could not help but notice these ads.  They do have a tendency to grab your attention.  And the reaction is likely to be strong in all cases.  If you love Marmite, you will smile and then tend to accept willingly the Marmite cereal bar concept.  If you hate Marmite, the cereal bar is the lesser evil and you might yet want to try it out of curiosity?

Here are the three executions, created by DDB.

Marmite Shampoo

Marmite Fragrance

Marmite Detergent

Kudos to DDB and the Marmite marketing team for coming up with this.  What is your opinion?  Agree or disagree with me?

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  1. Rob

    What I disagree with it that it's so divisive! Sometimes I like it, sometimes not. If you want a reallly divisive product, go for Patum.

    Myself, mostly I go for peanut butter and honey. Marmite doesn't even come close to bettering that duo. Third on my list, apricot jam.

  2. Marmite on thick white English bread (none of the Harry's rubbish you get here in France) with a good unhealthy layer of butter on first….is without doubt one of the greatest moments of the human experience….. Mmmmm

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