I came across this Dutch presentation courtesy of a post at Molenaar Online Marketing. It is a Slideshare presentation with the feature message that Marketing is D.E.A.D. With my particular passion for the Grateful Dead, I found the link far too curious not to pursue. Of course, since I do not speak Dutch, I had to make do with some approximations for the surrounding commentary. Nonetheless, the main message is quite tight. [Today’s conventional] marketing is:


End-User Focused



Here is the Slideshare presentation link for those of you who spreken Nederlands. It comes with lots of powerful images and a YouTube Video (in English, so all is not lost if you speak just English, like me).

And, with broad artistic license, here is a reworked quote from a classic Dead tune:

music notes

“Listen to the client sing sweet songs, to rock my brand…”

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