The internet (and that includes the email) is full of mixed truths. Some of the images/stories are circulated via emails, spreading the word via the email database. Others circulate via Facebook and others again around the dinner table. Fortunately, there are ways to investigate and keep an editorial line… if one wishes!

These photos below are magnificent and deserve the viewing, so enjoy the trail. Then discover the truth below!

Photo 1

Dam it, what is that?

Photo 2

Count them in the night...?

Photo 3

Silly Goats ... at it again.

According to Snopes, the photos are real, but the facts are basically all wrong.  The animals are Alpine Ibex mountain goats, not Bighorn Sheep.  The dam is Diga del Cingino, not the Buffalo Bill dam on the Shoshoni River in Wyoming.  The internet is full of trickery (as reported here at the MEDEF conference in Paris this summer).

For further enjoyment, here is a video that shows the goat close up licking the minerals off the dam wall.

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