Here is Calvin & Hobbes (by Bill Waterson) from the Herald Tribune this past Monday (4/10/2010).  Not that I frequently read the cartoons, but sometimes I can’t help but read and smile about the mischievous Calvin.  Almost as good a bet as reading Fred Basset.  Anyway, here is a beautiful cartoon for old the old marketers.  Brands that behave like Calvin ought to get a spanking.  Of course, if Calvin were able to provide a personalized, pertinent programming for his indulgent household, that might be another story!

Calvin = Old Marketing Myndset

If you are like me, maybe you need glasses to read the fine print.  So, I have added the text here:

Calvin: Look, Hobbes, I cut a piece of cardboard to make a TV screen.

Calvin: See.  I just hold it up and it’s like I’m on TV.

Hobbes: Wow, you own show!

Calvin: Too bad I can’t really force my way into million’s of people’s homes each day.

Calvin: On the other hand, no one in THIS home can turn me off!

Marketers today need to find non-obtrusive ways to get into consumer’s media flow… and then must remember not to overstay his/her welcome…unless the content recipe is so good that they opt to stay … In any event, one must give dear old Calvin points for creativity.

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