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This white paper, “The Brand University,” co-written with my ex-colleague and long-time friend, Eric Mellet, was published here by BrandChannel (October 2010).  Alternatively, since it is rather long to read on screen, I suggest that you download it via Slideshare (pdf). On BrandChannel, unfortunately, there is no way to leave a comment, so I have created this post in order to allow for commentary.

Brand University Executive Summary (as it appears in the BrandChannel):

The world of branding has, over a very condensed period of time, undergone a virtual and very real revolution as far as both the consumer and the employee are concerned. The challenge that companies are now facing is how to adapt effectively and efficiently to several convergent paradigm shifts. This white paper reviews some of the major changes and raises questions about the implications for today‘s leaders. This paper‘s position is that, more than ever before, companies need to evolve into Learning Organization and that instituting a company-wide Brand University can offer a compelling way to accompany such a change.


  • Olivier Riviere Consulting (closed down)
  • EzineMark published the article (review process)
  • Xing Chief Marketing Officer Brief
  • Translated into Chinese in the China Times (Taiwan)
  • Global Council of Corporate Universities (Annick Renaud-Coulon) – it’s a paying website, so no access for non members.
  • Hispanic CMO
  • Dissertations Gratuites (Paris)
  • Vietnamese Brand Marketing Site, Masso
  • The Branding Gavel (Nigeria)
  • Branding Today (Scribd)
  • Branding: An exploration of the changing definitions …  by Jennifer Onose, School of Media & Communication, Lagos:
  • The Black Renaissance – Hong Kong
  • Enterprise Collaborative

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