TellMeWhere Mobile Social Search

I caught this interview with Gilles Barbier, founder and CEO of TellMeWhere, while at LeWeb 2010.  TellMeWhere (DisMoiOu in France) is one of my favorite apps on my iphone, providing a handy social search when I am out and about in Paris looking for a spot to eat or to find a good baker.  TellMeWhere, a homegrown French version of Yelp, is synched into Facebook to tap into your own network, so that your friends’ ratings and reviews will appear first and foremost in your search requests.  Gilles is bilingual, so we did an entirely different French language podcast over here, if you want to know more.

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And for the francophones reading this, if you want to get more podcasts, you can also find my radio show en français over at :, on Megaphone or in iTunes.

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