The Economist is one of those magazines where, you just hate to throw it out because, every page you turn, you risk finding yet another interesting article.  In terminology that should be rolling off marketers’ lips, that would mean “high quality content.” Here is an issue (December 18-31, 2010) where the cover itself caught my eye (since I just happen to be 46 years old), “The Joy of Growing Old — or why life begins at 46.”

I suppose that a good number of you, readers, following this blog might be my peers; thus, I felt inclined to share this cover for you… Here is a link to the article, “The U-Bend of Life,” just in case you felt like reading it!  (Apparently, this is not new news.  The Daily Telegraph reported the same conclusion in 2008 based on a Lifesworth survey, suggesting that life begins at 46, too!).  In any event, the article makes for (yet another) good read.

Economist The Joy of Growing Old Dec 2010

Economist – The Joy of Growing Old, starts at 46 years old (Dec 2010)

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