Kick butt ad, literally

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I found this ad by in the metro of Paris (Grands Boulevards line 8). It reads, “Are you truly made out for the job you risk signing up for?

Three thoughts:

  1. I love the execution – the power is in the silence!
  2. What about the word “risk”? I detect a heavy note of fear and pessimism around finding a job.  I hope that this ad will not scare off potential veterinarians, though!
  3. I continue to believe that students should not have to select their lifetime professional activity upon leaving school as is too often the case in France. There is too much rigidity in the French process of moving from education into business.  Companies should be more open to “creative” and “intuitive” thinkers, students who are more prone to study arts, literature and social studies.  And, in the world of creating content and conversation with online communities, the best wordsmiths are probably studying languages.  Digital marketing is a whole other game — and I am glad to see that some schools are at last getting their digital education ramped up for that career skillset.
Students: Are you made out for the job you risk choosing?  - digital marketing

What do you think of this ad?  Does it speak to you?

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  1. You should also see the two other ones, of the same kind:
    – One is an astronaut puking in his own helmet (eurk !)
    – The other one is a fireman climbing a ladder, with a >200lbs skinhead-type guy waiting up there to be rescued

    But that's refeshing 🙂 And the message does really pass. But as often in those campaigns, I was unable to remember that it was for l'Etudiant.

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