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Roy Lindemann is CIO and a co-founder of ReadSpeaker, a great plug-in that enables an audio version of digital text.  Essentially, the service converts text, reading the HTML tagging and punctuation, to provide an audio version that is streamed or downloaded as an mp3.  It’s a nifty way to allow your blog or website to be listened to on the fly, on your iphone or ipod (etc…), via a podcast.

ReadSpeaker provides a paying service to businesses around the world.  It offers 35 different languages and 88 different voices including accents (e.g. Australian, English and American English) and sex (female & male voices).

Digital Marketing Bonus: HTML tagging & accessibility also equals good for Readspeaker

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My takeaway from the interview for digital marketing:  One of the keys to a website text that is apt for an optimal ReadSpeaker experience is to have good punctuation and HTML tagging.  As with the charter for accessible web sites, having a well-tagged HTML site is also beneficial for Search Engine Optimization.  Two for the price of one, I say.

ReadSpeaker was originally founded in 1999 by Niclas Bergstrom (in Uppsala, Sweden).  Roy is also a fellow INSEAD alumnus.  Another of ReadSpeaker’s key executives is my good old friend and INSEAD classmate, Joop Heijenrath (COO).

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