BBC News – Japan population to shrink by one-third by 2060

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As if the current economic environment were not difficult enough, Japan, like Germany, is slated to see a very dramatic reduction in population size by the middle of the century. As it is, pretty much all countries in the developed world are expected to see an aging of the population. This is not new news. But, brands are going to have to prepare for these inevitabilities.

When will businesses start to adapt their strategies, particularly in regard to the fight for talent? Brands are going to have to get used to “talking” with the older generations — all the while having “young” employees (who use a different vocabulary, different communication tools… and, overall, have different preoccupations).

Even China will be faced with a very dramatic change in demographics…

I think that countries such as France will need to lift their retirement age well beyond the current level… Presumably, the same will be happening in Japan, Germany and elsewhere… Let’s get ready for the LONG HAUL!

What are you going to do to get ready? My first thought is keep fit and sleep longer hours! You?

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