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MDE19: Turning insights into dollars & cents


Kathleen Dillon Carroll, on the Minter Dialogue Show

Kathleen Carroll

Kathleen Carroll is President and Chief Branding Strategist at The Branding Clinic, which has the stated mission “to unearth consumer insights for Fortune 500 companies to help their brands achieve double-digit or higher growth.” With a powerful background in branding, where she worked with P&G, Heinz and CNBC (as CMO), Kathleen is all about branding clinic logo, on The Myndsetturning insights into dollars and cents. Her blue chip clients include a host of big brand names, such as Abbott Labs, American Express, Avon, Bath & Body Works, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Samsung.

In this interview, we discuss the Branding Clinic, and among other things, where Kathleen gets her sources of inspiration, what were some of the more interesting consumer insights in 2011, how the internet has changed doing market research, and some of the branding dilemmas in today’s marketplace.


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