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At the Netexplo Forum* 2012 (March 15-16), held at the magnificent UNESCO headquarters, in Paris, ten new tech initiatives were recognized with a Netexplo Award.  One of the ten award winners was ProPublica – Dollars for Docs, “investigative journalism in the public interest.”  Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein (pictured below) were on both on hand to receive the award.  In the second of the series on my radio show covering the Netexplo event, I got to spend a few moments with Tracy Weber, Pulitzer prize winner and senior reporter at the award-winning ProPublica.

Charly Ornsetin & Tracy Weber, reporters at Propublica, on The MyndsetIf you have ever been curious about the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and your doctor, then you will definitely want to check out ProPublica. “Propublica is a non-profit investigative reporting news organization that is devoted solely to stories that have a strong moral force… With “Dollars for Docs” we aim to take the information made available by the pharmaceutical industry and personalize it for the public,” said Charly Ornstein. By partnering up with well-known, credible papers (à la New York Times, WSJ…), ProPublica provides bona fide investigative journalism that is often too expensive to justify for the for-profit media.  Check out this chat with Tracy and let me know your thoughts.

*Netexplo, founded by my friend Thierry Happe and Martine Bidegain, is an observatory of new tech trends around the world, with which I have been associated for the last couple of years.

propublica iphone app, on The Myndset Digital MarketingYou can also take a look at this little animated video about the ProPublica Dollars for Docs here.


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