Interview with Erika Anderson, CEO and founder of H2020, in search of good water!

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I attended the Netexplo Forum 2012 on March 15-16, held at the splendid UNESCO headquarters, in Paris. Netexplo* is an observatory of new tech trends around the world, with Erika Anderson, H2020 on The Myndset Digital Marketing & New Techwhich I have been associated for the last couple of years. There were ten award winners highlighted at the event, each coming from the four corners of the world and each with a very interesting angle. In the fourth of this series, I caught up with Erika Anderson, CEO and founder of H2020, a water poverty project that collects data, like a rolling, real-time census… The benefit is more accurate, up-to-date understanding of water related problems, for NGOs and government agencies and for better use of funds.

H2020 logo, on The Myndset Social Media MarketingWith dual degrees in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science and Music from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Erika is a wonderfully vibrant personality. For Erika, “privileged people don’t always grasp the human impact of the digital revolution.” It’s a truly worthy cause and a good listen. Please let me know your thoughts!

*Netexplo, founded by my friend Thierry Happe and Martine Bidegain, is an observatory of new tech trends around the world, with which I have been associated for the last couple of years.

erika anderson H2020, The Myndset Digital Marketing and Branding

Film explaining the H2020 initiative

You can also take a look at this little animated video about H2020 here.


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