Joe Jaffe, on The Myndset Branding Strategy and Digital marketingMinter Dialogue #29

This interview is with Joe Jaffe. Joe is the author of three books, including the groundbreaker, “Life after the 30 second spot” (which, when it came out in 2005, I used to pass around to all the top executives to persuade them about the shift in media and marketing) as well as “Join The Conversation“. In 2010, he published his third book which makes for a compelling read: “Flip the Funnel: How to use existing customers to gain new ones,” (Wiley, 2010). He founded the Crayon Agency (which was acquired by Powered and then by Dachis), the first agency to set up shop within Evol8tion Evolution, on The Myndset Digital MarketingSecond Life. He is author of a power blog Jaffe Juice, as well as Jaffe Juice TV and a renowned thought leader in marketing and innovation. I have had the pleasure to know Joe for a good many years and it was after hearing about his latest venture, Evol8tion, an innovation agency uniting Madison Avenue and Mountain View, that I thought we ought, at last, to record a show together.  In this interview, we discuss the state of the business in new media, the differences between North America and Europe, the good and the bad on the Internet as well as what it takes to succeed in digital marketing.  Joe is always an interesting listen, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Happy to hear your feedback, as ever.

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