Minter Dialogue #61

libon, the Myndset digital marketing and brand strategyGiles Corbett libon, the Myndset digital marketing and brand strategy 

This interview is with Giles Corbett, a fellow INSEAD alumnus, who runs Libon, as part of the Orange Group. Libon is an innovative OTT service that provides a radically different experience to ordinary voice mail.  For example, it transcribes voice messages into text with surprising accuracy.  Beyond voice mail functionality, Libon also provides VOIP services and is building a community.  It’s available in four different languages.  Personally, I’m a user and a fan, so I wanted to get to know more about the Libon business, and how it works within the Orange context. I do hope you’ll enjoy the conversation.

For those of you who are regular listeners, you will find a new jingle at the beginning of the show, courtesy of my friend, Pierre Journel, author of the Guitar Channel. I invite you to take a spin!

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