Digital Transformation – The Journey Continues

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Below are four of more powerful mantras that I associate with progressing the digital transformation agenda in enterprise. Which is your favorite? Do you agree with them? Let me know your thoughts!

1/ It’s a journey, not a destination

Digital transformation is not a destination nor a strategy. It is an ongoing journey to understand, learn and adapt to the new technologies. {Tweet this!}

Digital transformation leadership - myndset strategy

2/ On Leadership’s role

Leadership has a pivotal role to play throughout the process of digital transformation, by modeling the behavior, endorsing measured risk-taking and participating actively. {Tweet this!}

Digital transformation leadership 1

3/ The role of social media

If social media may often be viewed as just another channel of communication, its potency as an interactive and proactive tool is generally still far untapped. {Tweet this!}

Digital transformation leadership - myndset strategy

4/ The importance of Enterprise Social Networks

Internal (enterprise) social media platforms are extremely important for supporting the agile company externally with a more human and responsive customer-facing communication. {Tweet this!}

Digital transformation leadership - myndset strategy

Which one is your favorite?

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