Digital talent

I am regularly asked by people in large organizations whether I know of “great” digital talent for hire. The wish list usually includes a series of competencies as well as proven accomplishments.

I need someone really good to help drive the digital transformation…”

Aside from the fact that such breeds are supremely rare and increasingly expensive, the real question for these organizations is why such digital talent is not attracted to them.

Digital talent grooming elsewhere

Notwithstanding the fact that headhunters and the typical cast of high-profile business schools do not know how to provide/find such candidates, the reality is that digital talent is elsewhere, exploring and innovating outside big business.

Digital IQ – so transparent

A brief evaluation of the digital presence of the top executives and the brand’s social media profiles provides a quick read on the digital savviness of the organization. These days, a company’s eReputation forms an integral part of an Employer Brand. No amount of silver coating by the HR team can disguise the digital IQ of the company. The issue with digital is that it is patently easy to check from the outside. {Please tweet this out!}

Whenever a big “profile” is landed, the issue is how well and how long the candidate will endure. The fanfare and expense of “on boarding” a great digital talent can quickly be squandered by an enterprise that is only paying lip service to change and has not properly engaged in a mindset and cultural shift. {Please tweet this out!}


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