Would you describe yourself as a business executive, working furiously to drive the business? Are you also an individual who, weeknights and weekends, lives at home? Of course, this description should include most of us. Yet, so many executives somehow manage to operate as if they are two separate and different people.

Split personalities

customers shoes

It is ironic how the business executive that marches into the office every morning of the workweek, casts aside his (or her) existence as an everyday, law-abiding consumer. It is the very same individual who scorns the intrusive SMS on his own phone that signs off on a barrage of email campaigns under the guise of “CRM.”

Enhancing customer trust

The big deal here is that business executives must, at once, drive the business all the while enhancing customer trust. I wonder, for example, how many senior executives have signed up for their own company mailings on their personal email? How often do they open those mails and click through? If not, how can they reasonably understand the customer experience they are offering?

Customers’ shoes

In order for an executive committee to help orient the business to be more customer centric, I believe that all members of the committee must bring their personal selves to the table. It should not be just the marketing guy/gal who subscribes to the emails and visits the stores. Especially for companies driving digital transformation, everyone on the C-suite needs to get a better grip on the digital communication strategy Share on X and, as I like to say, eWalk in the customers’ shoes.

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