Creative Hiring – The Guardian Taps Into The Code To Hire

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The Guardian are hiring.* If you go to The Guardian’s site and right click anywhere on the page “View Page Source,” you will find a page that opens with the following code:

Creative Hiring The Guardian

We are (creatively) hiring…

Under the headline, they write:

Ever thought about joining us?

It is my observation that for most people on the Executive Committee — much less on the Board of Directors – there is a complete lack of awareness of the plight to get good coders. There is both the challenge of hiring and keeping quality coders. If Gen Y or Gen Z are generally harder to recruit and retain, the sub-group of coders is even harder; this is especially true for big corporations where coding is just a lesser function within the marketing department. The Guardian’s effort here may or may not be successful in attracting great coder talent; but it certainly showcases a creative hiring technique, and an approach that sets it apart versus the typically stiff corporate HR. Now, for the Guardian to find the right business model!

*I was turned on to this creative initiative by a fellow Donuts panelist, Nicolas Gurgand, CEO of AZERTY Media.

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