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This interview is with Margaret Molloy, CMO and Head of Business Development at Siegel+Gale, a premier global strategic branding firm, part of the Omnicom Group. Margaret is a regular on lists of the most influential and most savvy marketing pros, including the top 5 most influential CMOs on Social Media as voted on Forbes. In this conversation, we discuss how to execute strong branding, the right mix between communications and experience, employee engagement versus customer centricity, and how to bring simplicity and clarity to your brand and organization.

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Some pearls delivered by Margaret Molloy:

'Execution is the ultimate differentiator' @margaretmolloy Click To Tweet
'Purpose … is the intersection of the role your company plays in society and its commercial mandate.' @margaretmolloy Click To Tweet
'Ask Yourself: If your company disappeared today, how would the world be different tomorrow?' @margaretmolloy Click To Tweet
'Think of yourself not just as a Chief Marketing Officer, but a Chief Simplicity Officer' #CMO @margaretmolloy Click To Tweet

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