As part of your new year’s resolutions (remember that far back?), did you make a commitment to go the gym more often in 2017? On one of my first sorties this year, I got back on the Cybex stationary bicycle at my sports club. And, like the security announcements on airplanes, I generally don’t stop to read the warning signs that are on the dashboard. Anyway, most of the time, when you are reading the small print, it’s too late!

Take a closer look at the instructions on the panel. Anything strike you?


The small print will kill you!

Starting at the top: #1 Obtain a medical exam? I thought exercise was the route to avoid going to see the doctor!

Then take a look at #2. It’s as if cigarette packs and exercise bikes have the same effects! “Over exercise may result in serious injury or death.” If they need to tell us not to do too much exercise, should not every item sold tell us that excessive consumption is dangerous?

In translation

But the thing that boggled my mind was in #4 and #6. For some reason, they decided to add a French translation! Aside from being a French sans accents, the choice of these two in a list of 11 points seems absolutely arbitrary. Anyone have a good reason for why these two were glorified with a French version? Anyway, why French?


Of course, these are compliance signs. And it says much about the sorry state of the litigious nature of our society. Personally, I’d much rather a warning sign like this one:


We need, as a society, to be encouraging exercise more than clamping down on why and how not to exercise! Click To Tweet

Bottom line: Even the small print says a lot about who you are, Cybex!

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