Which Apple Seeds Grow?

Many are the companies that would “die” to be Apple. People often talk about best practices and best in class. However, few ever manage to change materially or actually do anything about it. All the same, Apple is a beguiling example. Many people love Apple. Many now hate it. It has had to transition, yet again, to an era without the magical (if irascible) presence of its founder, but this time with remarkable ongoing success. Apple, under Tim Cook, continues to deliver astounding numbers and it seems the prospects of ongoing success are strong, certainly if the latest quarterly report is anything to go by. Apple is the genuine article when it comes to adding value and avoiding price discounting.

This new infographic is worth sharing. I’d love it if you would take a read and then answer the quick survey below on the question:

Which Marketing Lessons From Apple Do You Believe Could Make the Most Difference For Your Business?

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