Speaking Engagements

Events in 2021 (last updated Jan 2022)


Jan 6

Jan 7

Jan 15 (230pm)

Jan 20 (4pm)

Jan 26

Jan 28 (8am)

Feb 18

Feb 25 (4pm)

Mar 1 (9am)

Mar 3 (6pm)

Mar 4 (7am)

March 10

March 17







(online unless otherwise stated)

Business Breakfast TV (BBTV) with Andrew Ellis

Real Time Club (free)

Estee Lauder – Energy in Connection (online)

🇫🇷 Leadership et Transparence en français

Connected Leaders’ Experience with Stephen Gresty

Strategy Café LIVE event with Minter Dial

Yale & Ivy League Europe Associations

Connected Leaders’ Experience with Stephen Gresty

Building Empathy With People You Don’t Agree With for Empathy Week with Ed Kirwan

Screening for Supporting Wounded Veterans

Connected Leaders’ Experience with Stephen Gresty

INSEAD France alumni

Collaborate SW Business Live” – Lessons for Business and Life

All Things Global – Purpose driven leadership

Saleforce EMEA

Adobe Walk & Talk
Friends of the National World War II Memorial screening

In the Funnel Live
Virtual Leaders Conference 2021 with Kevin Eikenberry

Message Paris talk on You Lead
Uprising 2021 with Mark Schaefer

Rethink Summit with Young Mi Park
Digital Analytics Conference 2021 (Istanbul)

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