The (Grateful) Dead

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Hard to believe that I haven’t done a special entry for the dear Dead. They remain a feature of my everyday life, lodged in some 20GB (thanks Charlie) of my IPOD which, in turn, is lodged in the glove box of my car. I get a little lift every time I go to work and a little “return to sanity” on the drive back. All that in 20 minutes. But that’s enough to adjust my mood! I can still see myself dancing and sweating at shows. Will it ever stop? Ha! Long live the Dead.

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  1. Charlie Hatfield

    Well done Minter. Some things are timeless. Dark Star Orchestra was just in Europe and they are getting very very good….for those of you who are overseas and jonesing.

  2. JD Williams

    aaaah, i remember well.
    i still listen to the boys on a regular basis.
    can’t get enough. i miss the whole scene.

    fyi, Bob Weir was in town last month playing with his band, Rat Dog, at the Beacon Theatre in NYC.
    heard it was a great show. sorry i missed it.

    fare thee well…

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