I think working less for “living” more is a wonderful ambition — afterwards there are economics and lifestyle choices & values that come into play. However, recently, I counted up how many hours my son works for his schooling. And the irony is that, with 26.25 hours of classes and about 10 hours of homework in a week, he eclipses the 35-hour work week that is the law for many working adults in France. As a kid approaches the baccalaureat (18 years old), the scholarly hours mount up and, in some weeks, must get close to 50 hours. While I am on the topic of hours worked, I think that medical student hours (esp in the US) are quite insane — but none more so than the amount the newly minted doctor must do when he/she gains the first [brutal] internship. An intern who hasn’t slept for 36 hours having to perform an operation…?

All that said, back to the topic in hand, having an average adult working less than a 10 year old child? All in all, un peu fou, non?

Image credit from Amazon. Book cover for “Generation 35 heures” by Thibault Lanxade

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