Got to love these ads by the French national train company SNCF. They have a web-based travel agency voyages-SNCF that is advertising travel (needing air) to certain worldwide destinations based on the names of certain French villages. The campaign first appeared last year, but it’s still fun to see. There are a series of them:

“Losse-en-Gelaisse*,” “Nouillorc, “Quancoune” and “St. Gapour” (where Saint in French is pronounced “san”).

I note that there is also a place in France called Nouillac… for those of you who prefer a Brooklyn accent. Maybe a new ad to propose to SNCF. And for those of you who like New York, New York, try this imaginative Daily Motion music clip.

Photo credit for Losse-en-Gelaisse by Mathieu Thouvenin via Flickr:

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