Just as we have Unilever presenting the “real” woman with their Dove campaign, on the other end of the scale, we have digital retouching going democratic. In 2006, an Israeli firm launched a software to allow for perfect retouching of faces. Found this subject courtesy of this now defunct blog (closed down after this ‘famous’ posting). A better site is by Mr Piquepaille (got to love his name) with some more information on the technology. What is hard to imagine is the business model.

“Here, darling, I thought you might like this software.”

“Sir,” the creative director said making the final presentation, “your product did nothing for the model, but you gotta love this software.”

“It’s for my passport photograph. I can’t stand to look at myself for 10 years.”

One of the funny comments left on the site about the photos posted on the left (the redhead) was: “my 3 year old found the photo on the left more attractive.” Personally, about the two photos on the right side (the blonde), I might also have said that the shot on the left was more attractive. And you?

My wife and I have often debated the topic of whether beauty is objective or not… Of course, it would also be appropriate to say that beauty must also then be atemporal.

Any thoughts?

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