How empathetic are you? Contagious to Yawn’s?

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How empathetic do you think you are? Apparently, you can now do an in-situ/impromptu style test anytime you see someone else yawning. If you are prone to yawn as well — i.e. that the yawn was contagious — a new study out suggests that, because not everyone “catches” the yawn, you are then potentially socially empathic. If not, try again with a kid. Change the yawner profile to see if you adjust….

The study, conducted by the University of Leeds, was presented at the British Association’s Festival of Science in York. For the BBC Report, click here.

Meanwhile, if you are in the mood, take a very quick personality test, created by Professor Daniel Nettle of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (“B.A.”). It ain’t exactly rocket science, though!

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  1. Sarah

    I tried the personality test. It was pretty accurate, but didn’t exactly tell me anything I didn’t know! Not exactly rocket science, no…

    I often yawn with others, I’m even doing it now, empathising with myself… :p

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