Well, just as time is money, getting the news out there first is gold (at least for news media). I was fascinated by the time line on the breaking of the news about the death of US House of Representative from Washington, Jennifer Dunn. As you can read in this Seattle PI Blog, Live on Wikipedia, the news evidently came to be posted on Wikipedia, via this twitter, before the news was broadcast by Seattle PI (see here). What’s interesting to note is the vying for credibility and accuracy. First, the news was posted without any source citation and then, after a few corrections, finally got some “grounding.” But the timeline (assuming everyone was careful to use the same NASA or Greenwich Mean Time standard) clearly gave wikipedia the nod. Will Wikipedia (much less twitter) diverge into a news station?

Here, by the way, was the original wiki posting at 9:12 am on Sept 5, 2007 — before the updates and corrections.

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