Okay, I admit that, since a newspaper is transportable, I will often read it a day or three later. Proof, this morning I discovered that King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered “on this day in history” the 26th November 1922 by Howard Carter. My having been one of the first members of the public ever to visit and see the actual mummy in its tomb at the Valley of the Kings (photo right dated 1922; see Egypt post), I feel a particular nostalgia for celebrating the November 26th! So, it was 85 years and 3 days ago. Sorry, but what’s three days when you are three thousand years old (exactly 3330 years ago).

See Alistair Boddy-Evans story of the Carter discovery on Africa History.

A comprehensive “on this day” from the History Channel. Meanwhile, two other dates to remember in African history for Nov 26th while we’re on the topic:

1967, 26 November
Soviet military bases are closed by Egyptian government.

1992, 26 November
President Frederik de Klerk announces that full multi-racial elections will be held in April 1994.

In conclusion, thank goodness for newspapers… while the Internet is my #1 source for news, there’s still a need to read something on the metro (tube/subway/train!). I will spare you what happened in history on November 29, but if you are desperate, here is the History Channel’s version.

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