Today is November 11, Remembrance Day for the Commonwealth countries, in memory of the end of World War I. It is, in general, a highly celebrated day by any standards as it is recognized as a Holiday a number of different ways in many countries across the world (regardless of it being a Sunday this year). It is called Armistice Day in France and Belgium, Veteran’s Day in the US. For my sister and anyone else with Twins, it is also apparently Twins Day in Taiwan (not to be mixed up with Twins Day in Ohio, celebrated the first full weekend in August. And for more on the subject, go find out about the other Twins Day Festivals around the world). November 11 is Independence Day in Poland and marks the birthday of one of my favorite authors Fyodor Dostoevsky. Lastly, it also happens to be a year since I started this blog.

And it feels like blog years are closer to dog years than human years… Anyone else feel that way?

♪ It’s my blogiversary and I’ll cry if I want to!… ♪

The tally: 365 days and 280 postings.* That’s a little over 5 postings a week. Question is how bad is it? How bad is my obsession? What’s it all for?

Blogging remains a passion, if a little different from when I first started out. My objectives remain the same:

1/ to get to understand what is going on out there on the Net … and blogging keeps me very much in touch.

2/ to develop an on line presence and voice — the tail is there, now what?

3/ to engage in interesting debates and keep the mind acute. You will have to be the judge of whether I am achieving the latter.


* My holiday-soaked mind conjures up images of a cricket match: a draw at 365 all out to 280 for 8.

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