Top 5 reasons why businesses should be on Facebook

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Following on the heels of the post “Why NOT join Facebook” which I posted on Slideshare a week ago, I have created its antidote, “Top 5 reasons why businesses should use Facebook.

Using the same style, it is posted only as a static presentation as opposed to the animated one with music which I use in my ongoing presentations (Keynotes, of course). Let me know what you think, with which points you might disagree and, especially, any points I have left out!

Here is the text as it appears (with a few additions to make greater sense) in the presentation:

  1. Facebook is everywhere. 400 million users and counting; it’s mushrooming on smartphones with 100 million users monthly and growing across all cellphones; it’s been translated into over 100 languages; Facebook is the #1 social media site in 100 out of 127 countries where there are statistics.  And, Facebook Connect is the killer application.
  2. It’s powerful. 5 billion pieces of content shared weekly (or 8,000/second); you can make your home page a Facebook Fan Page (and capture the page rank love); you can create an eCommerce interface (see Mark.girl); incubate ideas & join conversations; plus Facebook is putting the “social” into social search
  3. It’s easy to use. And more uses are being developed daily; 400 million users & 0 guide; the fastest growing segment is over 55 years old (albeit off a small base); your target audiences are easy to reach; even politicians use it!
  4. It’s allows a unique cocktail of personal & business; that’s why Facebook has taken off; it provides an opportunity to get real feedback from your clients; new ways to engage your clientele; it’s what your future employees expect; that’s life!
  5. It’s meaningful. You are as strong as the quality of your network; ⅓ of Groups are now professional; communities are our lifeblood; it’s an unavoidable part of your eReputation; reconnecting with old friends is exhilarating, admit it!

Please enjoy and do drop in your comments.

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  1. TKU Minter for the 5 reasons to be on FB and the 6 reasons not to be on FB.

    So I would be curious to know what is exactly your position for a brand that does not want to be left behind with the social media revolution?
    Our clients ask us to develop customized presences within FB.
    We develop holistic branding approaches that today use FB, and may tomorrow use another channel as well.
    To me it seems difficult to think you can work around an ubiquitous FB and without considering it in your clients e-marketing mix. @rikuniaku97

  2. Thanks for your question Eric. The short answer is that I believe a real brand needs to find a presence on web that suits its objectives and means (including its internal 'corporate' culture).

    Basically, for me, I agree with you that it is hard to conceive of not being present on Facebook in a way that is complementary to a traditional website and off line marketing. However, it's important to set out that there are risks associated with it: on the one hand, little or no traffic for lots of effort; on the other, a poor reception by the FB community (e.g. Nestle).

    My advice is (1) to establish clearly the objectives and identify the necessary resources, including personnel; (2) verify that they have a willingness to listen, react and adapt to what their community has to say; and (3) learn by doing and be prepared to make mistakes. If any of the above is not clearly established, I would likely dissuade a company from making, as a minimum, too heavy a commitment in social media.

    Glad to have any one else's thoughts on the topic!

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