Following on the heels of the post “Why NOT join Facebook” which I posted on Slideshare a week ago, I have created its antidote, “Top 5 reasons why businesses should use Facebook.

Using the same style, it is posted only as a static presentation as opposed to the animated one with music which I use in my ongoing presentations (Keynotes, of course). Let me know what you think, with which points you might disagree and, especially, any points I have left out!

Here is the text as it appears (with a few additions to make greater sense) in the presentation:

  1. Facebook is everywhere. 400 million users and counting; it’s mushrooming on smartphones with 100 million users monthly and growing across all cellphones; it’s been translated into over 100 languages; Facebook is the #1 social media site in 100 out of 127 countries where there are statistics.  And, Facebook Connect is the killer application.
  2. It’s powerful. 5 billion pieces of content shared weekly (or 8,000/second); you can make your home page a Facebook Fan Page (and capture the page rank love); you can create an eCommerce interface (see Mark.girl); incubate ideas & join conversations; plus Facebook is putting the “social” into social search
  3. It’s easy to use. And more uses are being developed daily; 400 million users & 0 guide; the fastest growing segment is over 55 years old (albeit off a small base); your target audiences are easy to reach; even politicians use it!
  4. It’s allows a unique cocktail of personal & business; that’s why Facebook has taken off; it provides an opportunity to get real feedback from your clients; new ways to engage your clientele; it’s what your future employees expect; that’s life!
  5. It’s meaningful. You are as strong as the quality of your network; ⅓ of Groups are now professional; communities are our lifeblood; it’s an unavoidable part of your eReputation; reconnecting with old friends is exhilarating, admit it!

Please enjoy and do drop in your comments.

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