Surprise tweet from the Stockholm Historical Museum

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On a family holidays to Stockholm, we visited the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities (aka Historical Museum or Historiska Museet in Swedish), located at Narvavägen 13–17, in the east side of Stockholm.

I have two things to say about this museum:

1/  It’s a great visit for kids and adults. It is spacious, well indicated, very diverse and has a wonderfully interactive approach.  Perhaps it helped that it was a beautifully sunny day, but the kids spent an hour alone in the courtyard where they made and ate their own bread à l’ancienne, had their fortunes told, waged pillow fights on a beam and shot arrows.  The whole musuem is a MUST VISIT for family goers.

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2/ Moving to the “business” point, after I tweeted my enjoyment of the museum, less than a day later, I received this message via Twitter:

LarsAmreus @mdial Glad u like our museum! Interactivity and kids visiting with adults are top priorities at Historiska museet.”

How many brands should take note of the impact of such a personalised follow-up.  This little 115 character message from Lars meant that (a) I felt noticed, (b) that the positive experience was prolonged beyond the actual visit, and (c) I felt like writing about it.  One day, it will just be a normal courtesy for the brand to thank its customers.  Today, it surprises.

Kudos to @LarsAmreus and the Historiska Museet!  (One quick suggestion: add Google Maps to the website)

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  2. yendi

    The historical museum of Stockholm shows history not only in Sweden and Scandinavia, but with the major world influences of every period. It cannot be exhaustive, of course, but the relative history helps the visitor to understand the building of today's Swedish nation. interactive, and diverse, well done.

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