3 rules of real estate and 3 rules of modern day marketing

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Three rules of…

To some degree, the very idea of rules is something that is cultural.  They say that England (and Anglo-Saxons, in general) is a country governed by rules with laws that the populace tend to break; while France is a country governed by laws with rules that the populace love to break. Notwithstanding this cultural difference, rules abound and are a fact of life.  There are rules in virtually every domain.

We have often heard the term of the “3 rules of”… robotics, epidemics, life…:

Probably, the one most repeated in my ears is the 3 rules of real estate: location, location, location (yes, I imagine you have heart that one, too.  And, yes, it’s still true).  And, whether you are French or English, this is a good rule to uphold!

As for marketing in the Internet era, you can sometimes hear someone giving out the moniker of the 3 rules of marketing: content, content, content.  While I am BIG on content, I would not be inclined to be so absolutely categorical.  I believe that the 3 “rules” or principles have been evolving, making them less statutory rules and more a WIP.  Here is what I think of the evolution of the 3 rules of modern day marketing.

3 rules of social marketing up through 2009:

  1. novelty
  2. content
  3. link love

    Rules glorious rules…

3 rules of social marketing going forward:

  1. content
  2. accessibility
  3. location(-based)

In accessibility, I am referring to the ease of access, the ability to access from multiple platforms in an adapted format, the ease of being found, etc.  And, for location-based, I am referring to the need to be not just where your clients are on line, but where they are physically … ushering in the era of mobile marketing.  Via great content, delivered easily, where and when the customer wants it will create surprise, pleasure and a tacit loyalty, if not a tangible purchase.  [If I had room for the 4th rule, I would add Rule of Engagement!]  In any event, the game for marketers is evolving and will evolve again…

Agree, disagree?  Please feel free to chime in!

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