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Taptivate Friends — All in one place

Got this tip from my good friend, web maestro and tennis buddy, Mike (insiderwebtips) in New York.  When you manage your own social media campaigns, you constantly have to monitor each individual interface, such as the new tweets in one or more of your Twitter accounts, the comments and “likes” in one or more of the Facebook pages, and the connection request and conversations in groups on LinkedIn, to mention just a few. A week ago, I wrote a piece about how NutshellMail can push you email notifications of what’s new in your social media accounts.  Now, a new service is on the horizon that could bring that to the mobile (iphone and ipad, initially) in a “one-stop fits all” type of service.  This new breed of software is called SMMS (Social Media Management Software ), and this particular new service comes from Taptivate.  It’s called “Friends” and allows you to track your friends’ activities on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace.

Then you can go to their homepage and sign up to find out when the app launches.  I am quite excited by this concept.  If you are aware of any other similar sites or services, let us know.

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