Interview with Ben Parr, Co-Editor at Mashable US

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Highlights of 2010 and Preview of 2011 from Ben Parr

Here is a quick interview I caught on the fly with Ben Parr, co-editor of Mashable US, one of the reference sites in new technology in the US.  Ben Parr is a journalist, sci-fi author and a man in the know when it comes to new techologies and digital media.  Recorded during an anglophone all-afternoon session at, where I was participating in a Social Media Club Lounge event along with a whole bunch of interesting web geek personalities, including Pamela Poole (a fellow American in Paris), Fabrice Epelboin (, Cedric Giorgi (, Frederic Bascunana (CEO of Webcastory) and Astrid Salin (Community Manager, student).

  • Facebook Messages
  • Spotify
  • Wayz – country music streaming
  • – music recommendation service
  • Geo-localisation: Gowalla now integrates with Foursquare; Facebook places.

To follow Ben Parr, find him on Twitter (@BenParr), on his blog BenParr + Entrepreneurship or, of course, on Mashable.

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