2011 looks like a fad year… but with potentially many new digital fads.

As I look ahead to 2011, it seems like it will be a truly fad year in terms of world events.  It is a “common” year in that it is not a leap year.  What are the expected “big” events?  If you look at the Wikipedia entry for 2011, it is slim pickings when you compare to the apocalyptic 2012 which includes the World Expo, the Summer Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond (60th) jubilee, as well as the presidential elections for both USA and France.

So, what is in store for 2011?  Estonia joins the Euro.   There will be lots of planetary action and the NASA space shuttle will undertake its last mission.  There will be three sporting world cups (cricket in February, rugby starting in September and Women’s football starting in June).  Last, but not least, Prince William will marry Kate Middleton.  In sum, a pretty mundane year.  On the digital front, however, I suspect it will be altogether different.

Wish upon a star…

In preparation for the holiday spirit, here is a digital marketer’s wish list (or wishful thinking, perhaps) from The Myndset for 2011:

  • Facebook will go public and help the stock market get out of the doldrums
  • Facebook Messages will help coordinate the multiple sources of communications such that the multi-entry inbox starts to unclutter and validate the importance of building a strong personal network (to vet the inflow based on your connected friends)
  • Diaspora (an alternative to Facebook) will see the light.  In fact, the first alpha test invitations were sent out, just recently (end of November).
  • Foursquare will go from game to game-on with Facebook Places, Gowalla and other geo-localisation services.
  • Augmented Reality will become a practical reality in more retail outlets.
  • 2011 will be the year of Enterprise 2.0 in Europe?
  • The Iphone 5’s battery will gain in endurance.
  • And, finally, I get the second generation of iPad.

And what is your wish for 2011?  I’ll share the best ones for the first letter of the new year!

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