Andrew Ellis, We are Like Minds, Amen!

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Drew Ellis, founder of Like Minds - social marketing
Drew Ellis, co-founder of Like Minds

Andrew ‘Drew’ Ellis is the co-founder of We Are Like Minds, which was founded in October 2009 and has quickly taken up a pole position as thought leaders for business using social media at their global events, and with an eponymous co-working private members club in London WC2.  Drew also founded EyetoEye Digital, in 1994, an agency providing creative and marketing strategy,  including brand creation and mobile app development.

In his spare time, Drew is also one half of the band ORBIT, alongside renowned composer and producer, Craig Leon.   Their first project Orbit- The Journey to the Moon was shown on The Discovery Network in 56 countries on the 40th anniversary of the 1969 Apollo moon landing.

He is a man with his pulse on the world of digital media, advising global businesses and countries on how to adapt to the fast paced world of social media and more.

Links and resources mentioned by Drew Ellis:

  • Huddle collaborative platform
  • Craig Leon
  • Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents and renowned speaker extraordinaire…
  • Olivier Blanchard – The Brand Builder Blog
  • Trey PenningtonTrey Pennington is a marketing pro, speaking, author, and social media integrationists (leverages your TOTAL marketing program)
  • Ken Rutkowski Radio show – World Technology Roundup – a daily technology new podcast with unique insight and perspective on the high tech industry.

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  1. Carole Ramaroasy (M2

    Good evening Mr Dial,

    this podcast is particularly important and meaningful. Music is one of the elemnt which has been totally redefined by digital revolution. Nowadays, everybody can set his own music channel and make his music known by everybody.

    Once again, digital supports and internet show their ability to expend and diffuse an idea, a picture, a video, a quotation…almost everything very quickly (almost real time).

    Hence, it's important to stay connected , but at the same time to be careful with the rapid expansion of digital supports.

    It's a great pity not to hear very clearly the conversation between Mr Ellis and you.

    Anyway, it's an instructive interview

  2. @Carole,

    On music, I love the fact that I can carry around so many different "albums" in my back pocket and delve into my collection at ANY time.

    And, you are right: it is most tricky to find the balance.

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