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Great Minds Search Alike

As social search gains in currency — especially given the recent flurry of adaptations by Bing and Google — other related services are cropping up.  I have been using for the past few months, Wajam, what I’d call a new social search optimizer. Wajam, based out of Montreal, is still in Beta phase.  When doing a search request with major search engines (specifically Google or Bing), Wajam will add relevant results at the top of the search page (as you can see below), “based on the content that you and your friends have shared on Facebook and Twitter, your browser bookmarks and Delicious bookmarks.”


Putting your friends first

So, the cool thing is to be connected to people in whose opinion you trust and who are active in social media.  Certainly, this type of service reinforces the notion of carefully vetting your network!  The Wajam results are visual and inviting.  You will quickly see that you get a very different set of results via Wajam versus the standard Google search.  If you are interested in trying it out, try it out here.  Total disclosure, if you sign up en masse, I might win a tee-shirt!  Seriously, though, I think it’s worth checking out.

One drawback, it takes about a second to pop up, which can be a little aggravating at times.  The normal search results appear underneath the Wajam block.  Let me know your thoughts and experience.  Any other better services out there?

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