The photo versus the word

Word Wars

Photo: Xeeliz

Inspired by a post by Jim Connolly at Internet Marketing Jam {post now taken down}, that talks about the power of the image, I thought I would take a different spin.  Yes, I fully agree that the image grabs the attention and that a photo speaks 1000 words.  However, I continue to believe that the word is more fundamental.  This is for three reasons:

  • the words in the title form the headline that truly grabs your attention to begin with
  • we operate with words, translating images into (1000) words
  • in a googly world, images need tags in order to be properly found and sorted

Being of the literary variety, I find greater appreciation for good writing, whether it is the pithy 140-character message on Twitter, a crafted bio on Linkedin or a tidy blog post.  And, yes, I think any good blog post should be accompanied by a telling photo.

Your words, please?  (unless you wish to drop in a visual!)


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