Friday’s here!

Starting today, Friday I am going to create a new “corner” on The Myndset.  It is going to be a place where I feature an interesting site that caught my attention recently.  I will endeavour to explain why it is interesting.  Think of this as an alternative to #ff (= follow friday on Twitter), as a way to share your discoveries.  And if you like it, go ahead and tweet it out!



The first site I am going to feature may not be the most extraordinary one, but it kind of sums up society in the new world:  Famecount, a site that allows you to track the stars on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Stars & social media.  This comes on the heels of the announcement by Lady Gaga (38.5M total fans) of the creation of her very own social networking site: Backplane (still unreleased, but with $1MM in backing from Eric Schmidt).  Famecount has all sorts of categories such as musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, sports teams, non profits.

Famecount social media for the stars

Famecount social media for the stars

Here is my favorite category to check out: Education!   Tops on the list?  Harvard University.  Thanks MZ.   The top non US entry: Amity University from India comes in 6th.  Otherwise, the top 10 is dominated by US institutions.  Special note for the New England Journal of Medicine that comes in at 10th.  Oxford University leads the European fray, in at 12th.

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