The following is an extract of my tweets (mainly) from the keynote speech by Dr. Daniel Thorniley (British speaker, consultant and economist with a delightful sense of humor)

“CIO needs to work IN business, not with business” via Gartner at #LIVE11 Probably could say the same for HR.

RT @lesanto: Voice is no longer the only means of conversation #live11 Conversation = 2-way communication

Orange #live11 workshop on CLOUD COMPUTING: IT spend per employee a key measurement. Looking for good benchmarks!

RT @lesanto: “Bring your own device to work” #live11 after you decide to bring YOURSELF to work.

COCKTAIL: 1/2 dose LIVE demo of a beta platform (delivering web services through browser) and 1/2 dose LIVE blogging #live11

Learning to use poken, for conference networking: Plug & play (or plug and exchange information) #live11

“ya khatyel byui rabotat v russiye” #live11 (I would like to work in Russia in Russian!)

love the word “capillarity” #live11. Perhaps that’s because I worked at L’Oreal for 16 years (and still have hair)?

To be fast in innovation, key is keeping it simple. Totally agree: that’s why I love Twitter.

“To succeed in business you need two things: honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake both, you will go far” Thorniley #live11

“HR & talent dev should be one of top 3 strategic issues for ALL companies” Dr Thorniley #live11

RT @frenchweb: [Research] m-commerce in France should surpass 13 billion euros in 2015

“Russia will be the biggest consumer products market in Europe in 12 years time.” Dr Thorniley #live11

“Don’t overburden yourself with KPIs” 5 will do… “Avoid short-termism” Dr Thorniley at #live11 Totally agree. True for social media, too

In the current economic environment, IT budgets will continue to be scaled back, postponed… #live11 Dr D Thoniley

Average working week in France 35.6h, UK 41h, USA ….. 32.5h. Having a job does not equal happiness and earning a lot

Consumer products struggling globally (single digits) : +1% in USA #live11 Tough to live with when budgets are + double digits

Daniel Thorniley, keynote speaker at #live11 Partnership, friendship, relationship, trust = the keys to business in [emerging] markets

Germany exported E1.146 trillion in 2010, just ahead of China (E1.05T) — ahead, but not for long. #live11

Munich is 7th best city to live in the world. Tour of Munich, where you can surf in the English Garden, H Reisinger , SVP Orange #LIVE11

RT @lesanto: The art of the live event blogger explained #Live11 Great explanation Glenn

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