Tweet stream @mdial from Dr Daniel Thorniley & more at Orange Live 2011 #live11

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RT : Voice is no longer the only means of conversation Conversation = 2-way communication

Orange workshop on CLOUD COMPUTING: IT spend per employee a key measurement. Looking for good benchmarks!

RT : “Bring your own device to work” after you decide to bring YOURSELF to work.

COCKTAIL: 1/2 dose LIVE demo of a beta platform (delivering web services through browser) and 1/2 dose LIVE blogging

Learning to use poken, for conference networking: Plug & play (or plug and exchange information)

love the word “capillarity” . Perhaps that’s because I worked at L’Oreal for 16 years (and still have hair)?

To be fast in innovation, key is keeping it simple. Totally agree: that’s why I love Twitter. Posted last week:

“To succeed in business you need two things: honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake both, you will go far” Thorniley

“HR & talent dev should be one of top 3 strategic issues for ALL companies” Dr Thorniley

RT : [Research] m-commerce in France should surpass 13 billion euros in 2015

“Russia will be the biggest consumer products market in Europe in 12 years time.” Dr Thorniley

“Don’t overburden yourself with KPIs” 5 will do… “Avoid short-termism” Dr Thorniley at Totally agree. True for social media, too

In the current economic environment, IT budgets will continue to be scaled back, postponed… Dr D Thoniley

Average working week in France 35.6h, UK 41h, USA ….. 32.5h. Having a job does not equal happiness and earning a lot

Consumer products struggling globally (single digits) : +1% in USA Tough to live with when budgets are + double digits

Daniel Thorniley, keynote speaker at Partnership, friendship, relationship, trust = the keys to business in [emerging] markets

Germany exported E1.146 trillion in 2010, just ahead of China (E1.05T) — ahead, but not for long.

Munich is 7th best city to live in the world. Tour of Munich, where you can surf in the English Garden, H Reisinger , SVP Orange 

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