Mitch Joel – An interview on the state of digital marketing

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A podcast is content… yessir!

Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel – President of Twist Image

Mitch Joel remains a man on the ball and one of the most revered voices in digital marketing across North America.  In this early morning interview recorded on August 1st, 2011, with Mitch in Montreal, we discussed where we are in digital marketing, how can companies improve their digital strategy as well as his viewpoint on the Google+ / Facebook face-off.

True to form, Mitch made several tweet-sized comments regarding the adoption of digital marketing in organizations (and the importance of people):

“No country for old men….”
“If you can’t change people, change the people.”

Or, about the difference between using traditional and digital media:

“The traditional sphere is driven by audience size; the digital sphere is driven by interest.  And those are very different mindsets that you have to go into…”

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  1. Catia Goncalves

    Nowadays, all the companies are in "mode" of Digital Marketing. A new concept that even us are constantly speaking, a lot of people maybe don´t know what is it the Digital Marketing… emails, Rss, voice broadcast, fax broadcast, blogging, podcasting, videos streams, wireless text messaging and instant messaging… we get really the idea?At this time all the companies are more and more competitives so they need to develope them strategies…. the keys is: be different! They need to be dynamic…companies become more social, more interactive with the client…the objective is to check who is selling best!!! they are creating a differents social strategies ( internet like facebook, twitter, google +..) everything to keep in touch and to be easier and faster with the clients!Brands want people to connect with them through social channels.

    Now Marketing is no longer as simple as physical markets and shops.People are now being enable with online technology that makes both the business developer and the customers are easier to perform trading.


  2. Sylvie Aibeche

    I like that Mitch emphasizes about the fact that companies need to restructure their organization in order to be able to set up a proper digital strategy! As we all say, the world is changing and we need to go with it! But there is a good way to do so! Commenting on the PAM article, I wrote about the challenge that companies face into predicting and understanding the future evolutions of our world. Once this first step has been done successfully, a company should undergo deep changes to adapt in the best way to the new paradigm. As for the Sistine chapel, I do not believe that it is possible to get a good work by painting over old pieces of art with current colors and materials, even though it is to renovate them or make them better. It is the same for companies. You cannot keep the old business model and just add the digital part to it! The real and digital world should be complementary. Even on the web, the presence on different platforms offers a whole range of diverse possibilities. I think that a company should rework is “real” offer in order to “make space” for the digital one to fit the best! A brand will then be able to “juggle” with all its different channels of “interaction” (that I find different from “communication”) with the world (not only its customers) in order to create a global image! And by the way, I can’t wait to have my new favorite brand of milk drinks!! I'll wear the moustache every day!;)

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